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Guidelines for presenters

Poster Requirements:
  • A0 size or smaller; strictly portrait orientation
  • Posters will be placed on poster boards at the venue by conference organisers, and will be numbered. Poster presenters will be sent the number of their poster via email
  • If arriving at the DUT residence on Sunday the 4th, please hand your poster in to organisers at registration so they can be put up first thing on Monday
 Presentation Requirements:
  • Please make note of the venue you are presenting in to ensure that you hand your presentation in at the correct venue on the morning of the day you are presenting or, if possible, the afternoon before
  • All papers are to be presented using only recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx file extensions)
  • Ensure that you use STANDARD fonts found on Windows OS
  • Presentations to be prepared in 1024 x 768 resolutions
  • Either PC or Apple Mac format is acceptable, but please ensure presentations are saved as .ppt or .pptx
  • Should your presentation be in a different software format, please notify conference organisers on site when you register
  • Please make sure that all embedded files/video clips are saved as independent files in a folder containing your presentation
  • All presentation pictures to be saved as JPEG. Please ensure that image resolution is appropriately compressed so that presentations do not lag when displaying images
  • Use pictures as embedded objects, not as linked files
  • Video and Audio objects are allowed as embedded objects; please notify conference organisers on registration if you are making use of video or audio files so that they can be tested
  • Ensure that all relevant Codecs for Movie Clips are included with presentation
  • All presentations are to be saved onto a USB and handed to the Conference Co-ordinators 24hours prior to your presentation. These devices will be returned to you once the presentation is loaded. Please provide your presentations by 17h00 the day before your presentation.
  • If you are only arriving the day of your presentation or can make your presentation available earlier, please upload it to our Dropbox (link below) 
  • Conference coordinators and assistants will be available on site at Elangeni Hotel at registration or in the venues.
  • All USB devices must be clearly digitally marked with your: Full Name, Date, Time / Session, Title of your talk
  • It is not essential to bring your own laptop for the presentation – your presentation will be loaded on the laptop in the venue the day before your presentation
  • Please confirm with the conference organisers that you are happy for your presentation to be made available on the Global Change Website.
  • Your presentation will be driven by you from the podium. On the podium you will find a preview monitor with your presentation pre-loaded. A Wireless Remote Laser Pointer & Slide Progressor will enable you to either advance or return to your previous slide(s). The forward and return keys will be clearly indicated on the remote.
  • You will be provided with a microphone at the podium.
  • All presentations will have to adhere to strict timings (12 minutes for presentation & 3 minutes for discussion) and you will be notified by the Chair, by means of time cards being held up, of how much time is remaining in your presentation (10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes).
 >> Download Powerpoint template    >> Upload presentation to Dropbox 

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